Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Third Frontier GREEN Environmental in Cincinnati Change

Join the call on Monday, April 26, at 5pm EDT, for a call with Senior Administration officials to discuss efforts to increase access to government contracting opportunities for small businesses.

Officials scheduled to participate include Dan Gordon, Administrator, Office of Federal Procurement Policy; Ana Ma, Chief of Staff, Small Business Administration; John Gingrich, Chief of Staff at Veterans Affairs; Rick Wade, Deputy Chief of Staff, Department of Commerce; and Ginger Lew, National Economic Council.

On Monday, President Obama will take steps to remove barriers to access and monitor goals for federal contracting with small businesses owned by women, minorities, veterans and those located in historically under-served communities.

WHAT: Conference call on government contracting opportunities and small businesses

Dan Gordon, Administrator, Office of Federal Procurement Policy
Ana Ma, Chief of Staff, Small Business Administration
John Gingrich, Chief of Staff, Department of Veterans Affairs
Rick Wade, Deputy Chief of Staff, Department of Commerce
Ginger Lew, National Economic Council

WHEN: Monday, April 26, 2010 – 5PM EDT

RSVP: To participate in this event please dial (800) 230-1093 and ask for the Small Business Conference call. No pass code is needed.

This call is for background only and not intended for press.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

100 Years of New Taxes

We are proposing 300 States United for Global Change through Tax Reform led by the states United in the Americas starting in the state of Ohio in the United States of America. We will heal the open woulnds of of government finance and investment in people through OMB compliant action under the current tax code and federal law as a health care Consultant and provider partner in Ohio.

In support of health care in Ohio we will build from Cincinnati a Omnidirectional Health Interoperable Instrumentation Patent Pool. This patent pool would grant the state a license for 20 million accounts based on a Global Sudden Climate Change based cloud based health carre next generation informatics which through the patent pool be able to connect to all health care electronic instrumentation in Ohio through a HIPPA compliant public private partnership proposed by McGraw Daniels and implemented by Hargrove Engineering, LLC.

The first round will be tied to a home health care network, under current tax law, of 800,000 Ohio households. All from the 88 counties Change Alliances to provide Universal Health Care for all Ohioans in that county. One avenue is through a faith based partnership with the United Methodist Men of Keys of the Kingdom UMC and allied faith based organizations like Churches Can Change Cincinnati NOW and the 100 Male March.