Monday, October 4, 2010

One Nation Working Together Bus Trip

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I am part of One Nation Working Together.

One Nation Working Together is a social movement of individuals and organizations committed to putting America back to work and pulling America back together. Coming from a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences, beliefs and orientations, we are determined to build a more united country with good jobs, equal justice, and quality public education for all.

I believe that one of the prime causes of crime is poverty and that we can change the conditions in which poverty exists.

As a lay speaker in the UMC I will on 10-10-10 take One Nation Working Together to Cincinnati as One City Working Together. It will be a facebook based digital based social movement of individuals, organizations and churches committed to putting Cincinnati back to work and pulling together African Americans from a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences, beliefs and incomes to erase poverty as I join others in rethinking church.

Join us in replanning the city at Cincinnati Changes facebook page.